No. 7 Gallery Features Three Diverse Artists


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Donna Huyett

With the holiday season here memories of past seasons mingle with plans for future times of shared moments with family and friends. Make those moments into memorable times by visiting Number 7 Gallery Nov. 22, from 5-7:30 p.m.,

Each month the Gallery features three artists. This month they are Marion Miller, who fashions amazing stained glass creations; Sue Hershey, an accomplished photographer; and Donna Huyett, who uses mixed media to create representations of animals and scenes in these beautiful mountains.

Miller is a ninth-generation native of the southern highlands who was born and raised in Transylvania County.

She said, "My work is inspired by the geography and nature that surrounds us, but it can be challenging to represent a landscape, flower or bird in stained glass.

"Since childhood, I have been fascinated with the beauty of stained glass - the colors and textures, the natural flaws, and the way light, especially sunlight, changes the glass as it transmits through it. The science that turns sand, minerals and metals into stained glass is magical."

Hershey has been a photographer for more than 30 years. Although she worked in commercial advertising, her first love is the fine art side of the medium. She said, "Those who live in Western North Carolina are particularly lucky to be in one of the most beautiful of areas. While the big landscapes of the mountains, the Parkway and the majestic waterfalls are what the region is known for, the smaller details are what motivates me - an old abandoned farm vehicle, some Hiking trail stairs, or some colorful barn slats."

Although Huyett's career was in the corporate community as illustrator and design director in advertising agencies, she is now able to focus on the endless bounties of Western North Carolina. She loves animals and the outdoors and her work reflects those loves.

She said, "The play of light and shadow washing over a subject is what grabs my attention. I never know where the subject will take me. I find each medium has its own challenges and rewards. I find graphite to be comfortable and relaxing. Watercolor keeps me on my toes, finding the balance of planning steps ahead while keeping the painting fresh and spontaneous. It's a rewarding process."

Sue Hershey


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