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Who Lacks Common Sense?


December 9, 2019

I gather that Mr. Donoghue of Lake Toxaway has had, as a businessman, 40 years of unhappy dealings with environmental regulations. He goes on a rant about environmentalists in general having no common sense at all, and how it is businessmen who are really responsible for jobs and who pay taxes to fund the complaints of the environmental community.

Well, who promoted the laws and regulations that keep Lake Toxaway clean? Who promoted the Clean Air Act, and the Clean Water Act that protects him every day? I could go on, but I sense a belief that is, unhappily, all too common in our society today: Namely that environmental concerns hurt jobs and the economy.

The truth is actually the other way around. Human life is entirely dependent on the existence of a healthy environment. It is not too strong a statement to say that the economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the environment. (I believe climate change is about to prove the point.)

Just think about it for a moment. We all require clean water and air to live. We all require food to eat that depends on good soils and pollinators and decent weather. We humans have a really good deal going. Living animals produce wastes and carbon dioxide, and the plant world uses these with sunlight to produce food and oxygen, which we animals need to survive.

So is it really environmentalists that lack common sense?

Bill Thomas

Cedar Mountain


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