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The Three Commissioners Should Have Resigned


December 19, 2019

As I read the letters of praise for the three commissioners who bailed on the Republican Party recently, I have quite a different response.

I am very disappointed in Lemel, Hawkins and Guice as they chose not to recognize my vote. My vote helped elect each of these people to their position of commissioner.

I don’t really know any of these three, but I listened and agreed with the words I heard. Those words came from the voice of a Republican.

As a registered Republican (but not a straight party voter), I do give some credence to their party affiliations. I voted Republican, but my vote is gone.

It is my opinion, they should have run as unaffiliated at election time. If they felt their stance no longer fit the Republican Party, they should have resigned as an elected Republican immediately.

Needless to say, none of these three will have my vote in the future.

Pauline Romans



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