Robbers Steal $1,500 In Rings And Watches

Glancing Back


December 30, 2019

The following briefs are from Thursday, Jan. 1, 1970, edition of The Transylvania Times.

Transylvania County Sheriff’s deputies and ABC officers discovered and destroyed a 60-gallon, steamer moonshine still in the Gloucester section near the Silversteen School on Friday, Dec. 19. No operators were apprehended although some 300 gallons of mash was captured. The still, capable of making from 36 to 50 gallons of illegal whisky a week, had evidently been in operation about a year according to Sheriff’s deputies. Those involved with discovery were Transylvania Deputy Sheriffs Ed Owen, John W. Hooper and Boyce Galloway and ABC Officer Luther Anderson.


The Transylvania Times published Roger Babson’s Business and Financial Forecast for 1970 this week. He states that 1970 will be a year of many changes.

•A tortuous path to peace in Vietnam and throughout the world.

•Inflation will be public enemy number one.

•Still higher prices.

•Continuation of the downward trend in industrial activity.

•Building and construction to show less vigor.

•Increase in unemployment.


Just how much it costs, per capita, to keep the wheels of government turning in Transylvania County, as compared with the cost in other communities is brought out in a new study released by the Department of Commerce. In Transylvania County, the figures show, the cost of such services amounted to $120 in the year for every man, women and child in the county. The comparable cost, in other parts of the country, was $299 per capita and in the state of North Carolina, $207.


Baker’s Jewelry on Jordan Street was robbed during the early hours Tuesday morning. According to Police Chief J.C. Rowe, the robber or robbers entered the store by breaking out the glass in the front door. Rings and watches valued at some $1,500 were stolen.


The Transylvania Times did a little counting with Kate Rowe of the listing of names in the Brevard section of the new telephone directory. If our figures are right, the name “McCall” is listed more than any other. There are 67 listings for the McCalls. Other names with the most listings are Owen 55, Smith 54, Galloway 52, Brown 49 and Wilson 44.


After a year of hard work by members of the Brevard Rescue Squad, a new communications unit, mobile command post and field kitchen vehicle has gone into operation. It is a converted school bus. Purchased from the State Board of Education a year ago, the former orange and black school bus has been painted white and renovated for use as a mobile field headquarters in rescue operations. The entire vehicle is electrically heated and neon lighted. All power is supplied by a heavy-duty mobile generator which accompanies the vehicle into the field.


On Christmas Eve in the Sapphire-Whitewater community, teenagers of the community enjoyed a hayride and caroling. Clarence Norton donated the hay to fill Hansen’s truck and those making the trip were Pam Matson, Jean and Gail McNeely, Larry, Terry and Eugene White, Kathy and Brenda Henry, Leroy Norton and Jackie Hansen. The Denny Hansens and the Gene Hansens acted as chaperones.


Everyone was dreaming of a white Christmas, but not too many appreciated it. It was a little too white and a little too deep. Trouble was, some five inches fell on 3 inches that were already on the ground. This week we are grateful for the rain to wash the stuff away.



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