Mission Increases Bills Without Notification


Last updated 1/27/2020 at 2:48pm

I am the HR manager of Connestee Falls Property Owners Association located in Brevard and currently offer health insurance benefits through Blue Cross Blue Shield NC. We have several employees who use the primary care physicians from Medical Associates of Transylvania Regional Hospital and Brevard Family Practice. They would typically pay a $35 co-pay for a primary care physician office visit and $0 for a wellness check.

As a result of these two practices now being owned by Mission Health Hospital, they have gone from paying $0 or $35 a visit to paying over $100 a visit because their office visits to their PCP are being billed as outpatient services. It appears that these offices are not providing any sort of disclosure to their patients of the new billing practices, whereby now the patient is being charged as if they are seeking outpatient services for a regular office visit.

None of these employees received any notification at their visit that they would be billed as outpatient services, which seems highly unethical. In some cases, the employees were charged the $35 co-pay at the office and then were billed for the difference of outpatient service fees later.

The practices themselves have admitted not to providing any type of disclosure to their patients. All they state is that their billing is now handled by Mission Health.

I understand that they are owned by a for profit company; however, there should be a legal obligation to disclaim these types of changes in their billing because our employees and their patients are getting surprised when they receive a bill from the hospital or go online to pull an Explanation of Benefits from the BCBSNC website.

It seems like the commitment to profit off patients versus acting responsibly and advising them of changes in fees is their mission.

I left a voicemail for Mission Health’s business development manager and my call has not been returned.

I think this needs to be known to the general public as this hospital is buying out doctor’s practices in order to make a larger profit from patients.

Rocio Borghini



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