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Something Is Rotten


Last updated 1/27/2020 at 2:46pm

I just finished reading a letter to your paper of Jan. 20 titled “It’s About Nothing.” The author of this letter cites a Seinfield episode and attempts to persuade readers that the impeachment inquiry is all about nothing. It is his contention that there was no crime in connection with President of the United States attempt to coerce the Ukraine to investigate a political rival of his because the investigation did not occur. He further postulates that there was no crime because the withheld military aid used as leverage in this coercive scheme was eventually released, after the plot was discovered.

I have another take on this attempted extortion by the president. I believe attempted extortion is a crime. I offer a corollary as argument. Deferring to the author’s logic, if I attempt to rob someone at gunpoint but fail in my efforts, I have not committed a felony, since no money was gained and, if I didn’t shoot the victim, no harm was done. However, we all know that attempted armed robbery is a felony.

We also know that obstruction of justice is a crime. Wouldn’t we all like to be able to deny our prosecution access to any witnesses who might incriminate us? Of course, we would, but it is illegal. The president’s refusal to allow relevant witnesses to testify constitutes obstruction. Congress has an established right under the constitution to investigate suspected wrongdoing.

Certainly, the GOP would like us all to believe that this is “All About Nothing.” However, the theatrical line that comes to my mind is “Something is Rotten.”

Wes Davis



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