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Brevard College Has Big Plans For Its Campus – Brevard, NC


Last updated 2/3/2020 at 4:39pm

Brevard College President David Joyce discussed the campus plans last week.

Brevard College is going to look much different in the coming years, with the addition of several new buildings and expansions of existing ones, according to college officials

Within 24 months, the college plans to have a new 52-bed residence hall, a new stadium to house the Brevard College football team's move to on-campus games, a new facilities and maintenance building, a new field house for athletic teams, a new road to create an entrance to the college from Neely Road, air conditioning in Beam and East Jones residence halls and a new WLEE facility in the converted campus barn.

"It's an exciting time for the college," said Brevard College President David Joyce. "And a lot of it has been predicated on our growth. We have the highest enrollment number we've ever had as far as we know in our history, and we know that we're going to continue to grow because our persistence in graduation numbers are increasing significantly."

In August the college reported an enrollment of 751 students.

Right now, the college is working through phase one as well as what Juan Mascaro, the college's vice president of finance and operations, called "the foundational phase" of a new facilities master plan that outlines the next several years of upgrades the college campus will undergo. Later phases of the facilities master plan include building an "experiential learning commons" to connect the library with Coltrane Hall; a new student health center, which will include a gym; taking out the road between Myers Dining Hall and Coltrane Hall to create a student plaza; starting a campus farm; expanding Myers Dining Hall, demolishing Ross Hall and upgrading the existing structures on campus.

With the addition of a new entrance at Neely Road toward the back of the campus, and the closure of the road between the dining hall and Coltrane Hall, Joyce said the intention is to create a more walking and biking-friendly campus.

Mascaro and Joyce said they are working on a five-year, $20 million capital campaign to fund the facilities upgrades.

"We've got to fund it," Joyce said. "And there are two ways to fund things. You fundraise...and the other one is to borrow."

The $20 million campaign would "represent roughly a doubling of what (the college) raises now," Joyce said.

Joyce and Mascaro said they were working with the city to approve the plans, and are also still securing funding, so none of the renderings are finalized.

"A lot of people ask how long is that going to take, and I tell them it's not a function of time," Mascaro said. "It's a function of money. If somebody writes you a check for $100 million, we can do all that pretty quickly."

Mascaro expects the new 52-bed residence hall to be finished in the next two years, as well as the rest of the "foundational phase," as the college is running out of room to house students.

Part of the reason the school is growing so fast, Joyce said, is because more students are staying and graduating from Brevard. Joyce said the college invested the bulk of the college's share of the Pickelsimer estate in student retention, and, with the investment, they raised the student retention rate from less than 50 percent to 69 in just a few years.

Even if the college does not continue to grow, and enrollment and retention stay at this current rate, Joyce and Mascaro are confident they will have both the revenue and headcount to fill and afford the new buildings.

Mascaro said the college expects to have the necessary city permits to begin construction in mid-February.


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