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Food For Thought


February 3, 2020

Health often needs statistical sophistication to see why people are not as healthy as we’d like. People make choices that don’t line up with expectations worldwide, and it’s not an excuse to be more careful about our opinions and statistical exceptions when we are not getting the effects we want.

Statistically, oppression, suppression and down right aggravation seem to trump many diet fads in creating bad health, as does locally sourced food that is varied and a town respectful of individuals enough to make walking and bike riding a stressless, normal activity without nanny state controls.

This is proven by resilience over Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) combining with different health choices worldwide.

Last week it was fat free. Now we pick avocados with care.

The thing that stays the same is that ditching the boring, hateful rat trap simply works.

I remember moving here the first time in 2000 and being blown away at how nice people were and how vibrant the town was while being open to all and their entrepreneurship. Brevard College honors classes made me call older grads, and all they could speak of was the local food and strong communities within the larger Brevard community.

It’s food for thought.

Anna Creasman Lamm



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