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Now Congress Can Get Some Things Done


Last updated 2/3/2020 at 3:46pm

After five long months of impeachment hearings and millions of wasted taxpayer dollars later, the Democrats attempts to remove our 45th president appears to finally be coming to a close.

For over three years, Democrats have made the most vicious attempt I have ever seen in my life to remove a man from the presidency of the United States. Just think of what the House and Senate could have accomplished for the American people had this amount of time, energy and money been aimed at addressing real issues, like repairing our critically aging infrastructure, or a workable, common sense health care plan for Americans.

President Trump, even with his faults, isn’t liked because he is not the “perceived typical politician.” He campaigned as a businessman, and people liked that, because he wasn't a part of the “Washinton good ole boy” system. Americans wanted to see change in restrictive federal laws and policies. They wanted a president who gets things done.

For the so-called “enlightened ones” who think that just because he wasn’t elected by the “popular vote,” they need to read the Constitution about why the electoral college system of presidential election exists: to balance votes between large population centers and the rural, sparsely populated areas of this country.

Under President Trump, unemployment is the lowest in 50 years, the stock markets have reached their highest ever in history, industries are moving back into the U.S., our military is finally back up to where it should be to protect us and our allies and much more.

No president is ever going to be what all the people want all the time. Presidents are human, flaws and all, like you and I.

Maybe if God was more a part of Washington morals, this divisive political structure could function better?

Now, finally, can Congress get back to doing the work for which we sent them up there to do?

Bob Twomey

Cedar Mountain


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