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Take Our Country Back


February 10, 2020

I don’t appreciate the vote in the House right before Christmas. It is supposed to be a happy time. It might have been for Trump haters. This vote has separated families, separated parties and destroyed friendships.

You could have prevented this if you had just voted. I did. I stood in line for one hour. I was sick. Now on my birthday I have to see a trial. I’m sick, got an aunt and uncle and friend too. Put Mike Pence in, same thing.

I heard about your brags from a woman in Georgia.

What’s next loss of religious freedom, of speech and press, freedom to carry a gun for protection.

Stupid idea we are in debt 20-23 dollars want to go in debt 50 – 100 trillion dollars more.

Nov. 3 is Election Day. Take our country back.

Shirley McCall



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