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Trump's Drawbacks


February 10, 2020

Leaving aside economic and foreign policy debates, there are major factors that ought to give a thoughtful citizen pause about President Trump before deciding to vote for him:

1. Climate change is the greatest and most imminent threat to our planet. Yet, despite overwhelming scientific consensus, he denies its legitimacy.

2. Nuclear weapons are the second greatest threat to our planet. Yet he is hostile to arms control and recently wondered why we had reduced our stockpile from 25,000 to 6,000 nuclear weapons.

3. He cares nothing about truth. Over 16,000 falsehoods and lies have been documented in three years. Either he lives in a world where he can manufacture his own truth, or he could care less whether his statements are truths or lies.

4. He is hostile to the free press, perhaps the greatest safeguard of democratic liberty.

5. He is far more comfortable with leaders of autocratic than democratic countries. He appears more comfortable with Putin, Erdogan, Orban and Kim Jong-Un than with Angela Merkel.

6. He is incapable of empathy. Note his reaction to the deaths of John McCain and John Dingell or his treatment of his staff or of Gold Star parents.

7. He demonizes his opponents, seeing them not as patriotic opposition with different views but as treasonous scum or worse and using childish but often malicious nicknames.

8. His attachment to right wing causes has been a factor in the rise of hate crimes.

9. He is hostile to science; the number of scientists employed by the government has decreased markedly.

10. He has and continues to damage the EPA and other crucial agencies, favoring business needs over scientifically demonstrated health concerns, endangering our health, air and water.

11. He has shown no intellectual curiosity, declining to read even the shortest briefing books.

12. He has demonstrated unlimited historical ignorance, not understanding, for example, the meaning of Pearl Harbor or World War I, that China borders India, or that Frederick Douglas and perhaps even Thomas Edison are no longer alive.

Shouldn’t this cause concern?

Howard Rock



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