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Blame NFL Not Performers


Last updated 2/12/2020 at 4:05pm

I am trying to understand why the blame is being placed on J-Lo and Shakira for putting on a performance not appropriate for the viewers. These performers were hired and vetted by the NFL organization.

Why is the criticism not placed on the NFL? Do these critics believe that the NFL had never seen a show put on by these two performers? Do the critics believe that the NFL is a blameless pawn of the singers?

The NFL is in charge of the game and the show. The people who make the decisions have the responsibility for blame or success. They are the ones with the power.

J-Lo and Shakira weren’t performing on a Disney Plus channel. I doubt that the NFL wanted a Disney Plus halftime show. I do think their audience is more male, likely 20 to 60-year-old males.

Yes, I know lots of families watch this game, but it was well advertised who the NFL hired. They made their choice. You want puppies and kittens performing a halftime program, think Disney not the Super Bowl halftime show.

I happen to think the puppies and kittens might be cute, but that does not seem to be what the NFL wanted therefore they hired J-Lo and Shakira. Be critical of the people who vetted and hired not the performers. Lay blame where it belongs.

Nancy Knights



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