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Last updated 2/12/2020 at 4:03pm

In today’s B section, readers will find a question and answer section for the upcoming primary. It is not, however, a comprehensive guide.

We did not send out questions to candidates in non-competitive primaries; thus, there are no questions and answers for those who have filed for the local school board or county commission.

We also did not seek information from many of the contested primaries at the state level. There is not enough space to put in all of the answers for all of those seeking state offices. For example, there are nine Republicans and six Democrats running for lieutenant governor. There are five Democrats running for Superintendent of Public Instruction.

The two statewide primary races in which we did contact candidates were governor and U.S. senator. The positions are two of the most powerful in North Carolina, and even though there are incumbents running in both races, we felt we should at least give them and their challengers a chance to answer some questions.

Closer to home, we also contacted candidates for the U.S. 11th Congressional District, as well as those running for any state legislative seat, such as the 48th N.C. Senate seat.

In all, we emailed questions to 33 candidates and received responses from 14 of them. Quite frankly, we were not sure if we would receive any responses from the gubernatorial and U.S. Senate candidates, but we received four. We did receive answers from most of the candidates running in regional races.

Prior to the fall general election, we will contact all of the local and regional candidates who could represent us and are running in competitive races. At times in the past, we also have given local candidates in the general election an opportunity to state positively their positions and qualifications.

We hope that the information provided in today’s paper will help voters make a more informed decision when they go to the polls in the next few weeks.


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