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Speaker Of The House Is A Dictator


Last updated 2/17/2020 at 2:29pm

In his letter to the editor entitled “Shocked America,” Mike Di Rocco discusses Nancy Pelosi’s “hateful, disgusting anti-American act” and says her “twisted facial expressions brought to the surface...her obvious unwillingness to even consider an attempt to achieve bipartisan benefits for the American people.”

He criticizes Pelosi’s party “as they waddle in their comfortable personal power trip year after year” and claims Pelosi must “want the exclusive power to lead the country as I see fit, my way or the highway.” A “dictator” controlling all of her party members.

A powerfully stated letter to be sure, and any American would agree completely. He did have one small factual error: He misspelled Mitch McConnell.

Lauren Wise



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