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Democrats Also Assault Judicial System


Last updated 3/2/2020 at 3:01pm

The Feb. 20 Transylvania Times editorial contends that Senate Republicans, President Trump and Attorney General Barr are assaulting the judicial system. There is no mention of any Democratic wrongdoing. Let’s expand the discussion.

First, before the impeachment trial began, most senators had openly stated the way they would vote. The editor finds it troublesome that Republicans may have lied when taking the oath of impartiality. Well, the great majority of Democratic senators also had their minds made up. So, did they also lie and are they equally guilty?

Second, my understanding is that 18 witnesses provided sworn testimony during the House impeachment inquiry. The House managers had the option of having these witnesses present and questioned during the trial or presenting their testimonies using video clips and power points. They chose the latter option probably because it eliminated cross-examinations by the president’s lawyers. In the end, sworn testimonies of 13 witnesses were presented during the trial.

Yet, during the trial and afterwards, Democrats have said that they were not allowed any witnesses (key word “any”). That is simply not true. Unfortunately, with the help of a biased media, way too many people believe them. The Democrats actually wanted additional witnesses, but the Senate for valid reasons did not approve their request.

Yes, there were lots of lies during the recent impeachment, and the Democrats certainly told their share. Maybe we can just agree that lying is bipartisan.

Third, Attorney General Barr overruled four DOJ prosecutors who were recommending a 7-9 year sentence for Mr. Stone. He stated that his decision was made prior to the Trump tweet and was not influenced by the president. This past Thursday, Judge Jackson sentenced Stone to 40 months in prison consistent with Barr’s recommendation of 3-4 years. Maybe the four DOJ prosecutors were the ones who were wrong.

Finally, the statement that Trump is now making the judiciary “comply with his desires” is unfounded. Maybe Trump, like me and most Americans, just want fairness.

Ray Hoxit



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