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Unfolding Disaster


Last updated 3/4/2020 at 3:34pm

There is excitement in the air. Many people see socialism as a welcome change to the American economy, although it threatens to destroy it.

It offers free stuff and a plethora of benefits. Is it worth it?

Frighteningly, our times reflect back to another. Who can forget Germany in the early 1930s? There are similarities between then and now. The Russian dictator of the time also made his mark on the people. Millions were slaughtered, including 6 millions Jews and others. Marches to Siberia brought death to innocent Russians.

Several other incidents took place which deceived the people to surrender to the promise of riches beyond imagination.

Ignorance of the populace and the consolidation of power in the central government were just two attractions which added to the allure of socialism. Those who disagreed with what was going on in society had a way of disappearing. Dissent was forbidden. It still is.

Money was printed out of control, devaluating the currency. Ignoring signals of socialism attacks our beautiful republic. Problems could be huge and more far-reaching than we can comprehend, more difficult than we expect. We could be faced by a morass of our own making.

Could socialism happen here? Many want it. Many don’t know what it is, and the impact it could have. Many don’t have any understanding. Are we ready? Can we ever be?

Sandy Goble



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