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Where Will The Water Go?


Last updated 3/9/2020 at 12:03pm

The purpose of a floodplain: “The storage and conveyance of flood waters, the reduction of flood velocities and flood peaks, and the improvement of water quality by filtering impurities from storm water runoff.”

I have continued to ask this simple question: “Where do you think the displaced water will go when the floodplain is raised and paved?”

Actually, it will no longer be a floodplain according to the definition. I’ve sent my question to the county manager and the county commissioners several times.

I have received one comment (not an answer) from a commissioner, and I quote, “The area will still be a floodplain, and flood water will still flood the floodplain.” So apparently, according to this commissioner, the parking lot of Dollar General will be the floodplain.

Here’s another quote. “There will be vents in the foundation wall to allow the floodwaters to flow through the building.” Not so good when water starts coming up through the floor creating the environment for mold, and all the trash and impurities find their way to the creek and river.

And finally, “There are no impervious surface regulations in place in floodplain management.” How could this be?

I’m still asking the simple question, “When the French Broad River floods and Hogsed Creek floods, where do you think the displaced water will go when the floodplain is raised and paved?”

Since the county manager and commissioners won’t answer this simple question, I guess we will. There’s only one place for the floodwaters to go and that’s Becky Mountain Road. And furthermore, because the velocity will no longer be reduced and will be increased, the displaced water could flash flood into Becky Mountain Road. A lot of people care deeply about this, just apparently not the county manager and commissioners.

Susan Hindman



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