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Lowe's Letter Does Not Address Concerns


Last updated 3/12/2020 at 10:58am

The HCA Healthcare full page banner headlined letter in The Transylvania Times March 5 issue concerning the transition from Mission Health should be of interest at least, and alarm at most, for Brevard residents uncomfortable with the path that organization appears to be pursuing.

Obviously their feeling that the high profile letter is needed is notable. Apparently, HCA Healthcare has enough concern to take the published step to attempt to placate the public by calling attention to their management actions of note. The folksy personalized wavy-line signature over “Greg Lowe, President, North Carolina Division,” attempts to set the tone for the letter.

However, in 13 bullet marked paragraphs highlighting all the exciting things being done, such as opening the Mission Hospital North Tower (for Asheville) and the $12.50 minimum wage pay increase for “team members,” there is absolutely nothing addressing the local concerns becoming more prominent daily for Brevard residents facing declining service at the local hospital. The only positive item the letter hints at is a commitment to “do a better job of providing updates about our health system.” Beyond that, nothing is entered into the high profile letter specifically addressing any of the local concerns.

The letter hopefully is not a mere effort to relax us into thinking something positive is being done. We’ll have to wait and see if anything of substance materializes, for the letter itself hits on nothing.

At face value it is a “trust me” letter.

C. G. Gerard


(Editor’s Note: The letter to which Mr. Gerard refers was a full-page advertisement paid for by HCA.)


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