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Brevard Mayor Jimmy Harris Addresses Current Crisis – Brevard NC


Last updated 3/19/2020 at 9:14pm

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Editor’s Note: The following message comes from Brevard Mayor Jimmy Harris.

“The health and safety of all residents of the City of Brevard is our highest priority at City Hall; everything else seems small.

“Though no local detection of the COVID-19 has been reported in Transylvania County as of now, there continues to be a deep concern about the spread of the virus that has led to enhanced precautions in our community and throughout the country. “Though this is a rapidly evolving situation, I want to reassure you that the City of Brevard is taking actions to address this issue. We must come together as a community to ensure everyone’s well-being during this time.

“Washing your hands for at least 20 seconds is, according to some medical scientist experts, pretty good advice when it comes to the possibility of the spreading of this virus (singing the “The Doxology” or “Mary Had A little Lamb” (twice) is approximately 20 seconds). “Due to our senior population, who are vulnerable, according to most medical professionals, doing this will be a significant help in bypassing the possibility of spreading this virus in our community. “This is at least one thing you can do to help. I know that some residents of our community are anxious; however, using common sense and not letting this become something that changes our community for the worse is an action we should all work on.

“A lot of local businesses, who are selling gift cards for future transactions, are offering curb-side service, including restaurants that will deliver to your car if you call ahead and make advance payment arrangements, and others are willing to go grocery shopping for you, if you are in the vulnerable age group or think you might be susceptible to potentially spreading this virus in our community.

“I am not a medical scientist or have any knowledge on this virus that you don’t have, but I think this is a great thing that we can do to help our neighbor. This should make you proud of our community.

“The city is coordinating with the Transylvania County Health Department, the N.C, Department of Health and Human Services, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to obtain the most current guidance and information related to the COVID-19 disease.

“The Department of Health and Human Services will direct you to the CDC website.

Follow recommendations from the Health Department when it comes to this issue.

“Operationally, the decision has been made to cancel/postpone all city of Brevard-hosted meetings until further notice.

“This includes regularly scheduled city council meetings, boards and committee meetings, and all non-essential gatherings until I am assured by health officials that all is safe. Transylvania Regional Hospital stands prepared to meet this challenge with readiness and with a professional staff.

It is my household’s plan to place faith in our local Hospital should a difficult health situation arise with me or my family over this virus. You should too.

“As individuals, it is important for each one of us to minimize our own risk of being infected by taking preventative measures within and outside our homes. “Some simple steps include washing your hands frequently, avoiding crowded places and large gatherings, and staying home if you are sick. If you are sick or suspect you are infected with the virus, please call ahead to your health care provider for guidance to ensure necessary precautions are taken.

“Having a call list of emergency phone numbers is a good thing and checking in regularly with a loved one, neighbor or relative is a responsible thing to do too.

“For a full list of actions and additional resources, visit the CDC Coronavirus Disease Prevention and Treatment website and/or the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) website, You may also call the NC COVID-19 Call Center at (toll free) 866-462-3821 if you have any questions.

“Your local government has taken reasonable precautionary measures, will continue to evaluate any further measures, and we also provide support and appreciation for the health professionals in our community ready to assist you in all health-related matters.

“Again, currently, no reported cases in our county exist and all precautionary measures are being taken.

Praying for your community, using common sense, and helping your neighbor can be somethings that continue to make Brevard great.


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