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City of Brevard Suspends Temporary Use Permit Fees -Brevard NC


Last updated 3/19/2020 at 4:45pm

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Brevard City Manager Jim Fatland has authorized the suspension of temporary use permit fees for pushcarts and mobile food venders to allow immediate curbside pickup of food prepared by downtown restaurants during a state of emergency.

According to a press release from the city, such activities shall not conflict or override any order of the governor or president and shall comply with all local, state and federal laws especially pertaining to health and safety, including but not limited to:

•The use or activity shall clearly be of a temporary nature for the duration of a State of Emergency and shall be directly related to feeding or providing essential supplies to citizens.

•The use shall not create hazards or have adverse impacts related to parking, drainage, fire protection, nor shall it obstruct pedestrian or vehicular travel.

•The operator shall have a plan for the management of waste generated by the use and satisfy all other requirements of the director of Public Health, the building inspector, police or fire marshal.

Temporary vendors or curbside pickup operators may set up a temporary table, not to exceed 48 inches in width or 72 inches in length, to aid in the delivery of their product to the curbside customer but may not block pedestrian/handicap travel along the sidewalk and shall maintain at least 4 feet of clearance along the sidewalk at all times. Tables and pushcarts shall not be left unattended at any time or overnight.

•During a state of emergency, restaurants and essential merchants may sell and exchange food and merchandise from the city sidewalk or from any vehicle or trailer that does not interfere with pedestrian or vehicular travel.

•Vending may only take place between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. and shall not produce noise, or use or operate any sound system, radio, sound amplifier or speaker to attract the attention of the public.

•Vending shall not occur within 50 feet of any driveway entrance to a police or fire station, or within 10 feet of any other driveway or any city alley, nor shall it take place within 10 feet of a crosswalk at any intersection or any fire hydrant.

•If it becomes necessary for the regulation of traffic or the safety or convenience of pedestrians, any law officer of the city may direct vendors to move to another location. No person may refuse to comply with a law enforcement officer.

•Mobile food trucks shall be situated at least 25 feet from any permanent structures and situated at least 200 feet from any residential structure that is located within a general residential (GR) zoning district.

•Outside of the Heart of Brevard district, generators may be used to power the vending unit. Within the Heart of Brevard only dedicated power supplies shall be used.

•Each food truck shall supply at least one waste receptacle which must be removed and emptied at the end of each day.


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