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Information Provided On Unemployment Insurance-Brevard NC


Last updated 3/25/2020 at 11:18am

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During Monday’s Board of Commissioners meeting, Commissioner Jason Chappell, who is also director of Henderson and Transylvania County NCWorks Career Centers, provided information on unemployment insurance for employers and individuals.

Employers (For claims filed on/after March 15, 2020)

•No charges will be assessed to an employer’s account for any claim filed on/after March 15, 2020, as a direct result of COVID-19.

•Employers do not have to contact DES nor respond to the NCUI 551 (Notice of Potential Charges) to receive non-charging for COVID-19 related claims. DES will non-charge automatically.

•It is best for employers looking to file temporary layoffs to encourage their employees to file for themselves and report any earnings they may have when doing their weekly certification.

•Employers who wish to file for their employees (attached claims) need to be advised that nothing has changed regarding the rules for attached claims.

The employer must:

•Have a positive DES Employer Account balance

•Pre-pay for all weeks filed on behalf of employees

•Only file an attached claim one time per year

•Only file for six weeks and then employees must file UI Claims for themselves

•If you have an employee working intermittently i.e., one week on and one week off, while filing for UI, the employee must report their gross earnings for the week in which they did the work not when paid.

•Independent contractors and self-employed workers are typically not covered. In order to be eligible, workers must have held a job considered covered employment.

•If you are a business owner and paid unemployment insurance taxes on your own wages, you may be eligible to receive unemployment benefits.

Reminder: Any individual who has filed a claim as a result of COVID-19, must complete a weekly certification each week that they wish to receive a benefit payment. If a weekly certification is not completed, the individual will not be considered for payment. These individuals should indicate ‘Yes’ to the weekly certification questions” “Were you able and available to work” and ‘Did you look for work’ as the Governor’s Executive Order No.118 has waived these requirements.

Individuals (For claims filed on/after March 15, 2020)

•Individuals who have been impacted by COVID-19 (lay off or reduction in hours) may be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits. Visit the DES website ( or contact the customer call center at (888) 737-0259) to file a claim.

•As a result of the high call and email volume at the customer call center, customers who email DES should allow for 48-72 hours response time.

•DES will ensure that claimants do not miss out on any weeks of eligibility due to the high call volume. They will begin the week when they initially attempted to file.

•For all claims filed, the last employer will be given 10 days to provide separation information. No payments will be released prior to that 10-day period. (If the separation reason is determined to be other than lack of work or COVID-19, payment will be further delayed until an individual is determined eligible for benefits based upon their separation reason.) If other issues exist on the claim, they must be resolved before payment can be released.

•Work search requirements are waived only for claimants filing as a direct result of COVID-19. Those claimants filing prior to March 15, 2020, or for reasons other than COVID-19 are still required to search for work with at least three employer contacts each week they intend to receive UI benefits.

•NCWorks registration was deactivated March 17. Individuals should still be advised to register with NCWorks Online as there is no certainty regarding their future employment status.

•Individuals filing for UI benefits as a direct result of COVID-19 will automatically have their waiting week waived.

•Individuals filing for UI benefits as a direct result of COVID-19 will automatically have work search, ability to work, availability to work (A&A) issues waived unless they are hospitalized or other extreme conditions exist. In those instances, DES will assess and evaluate through the adjudication process to determine eligibility. If the A&A issue is set, they do not need to contact DES. The agency will resolve the issues if they are filing due to COVID-19.

•An individual who has filed a claim as a direct result of COVID-19 must complete a weekly certification for each week they wish to receive benefits. If the individual does not complete the weekly certification(s), they not be considered for payment.

•Governor’s Executive Order No.118 waived the work search requirement for those individuals filing a claim as a direct result of COVID-19. Weekly certification questions have not been revised as there are individuals filing claims for separation reasons other than COVID-19. As a result, those impacted by COVID-19 should respond to the weekly certification questions: “Were you able and available to work’ and ‘Did you look for work’ with ‘yes.’ If they fail to do so, an issue will be raised on their claim. If this occurs, staff will automatically resolve the issue. The individual does not need to contact DES.

If the individual is working intermittently, such as ione week on and one week off, the individual must report their gross earnings for the week in which they did the work. Earnings are reported during the week earned even if the individual was not paid.

•Currently there are no extended benefits available. Benefits remain at a maximum of $350 per week for 12 weeks. DES recommends visiting regularly for any updates regarding additional benefits.

•RESEA and EAI appointments have been discontinued until further notice. The Governor’s executive order forbids in-person appointments. DWS is currently working on updating notices to pursue conducting appointments remotely.

•Claimants who have received notices (RESEA, EAI, etc.) to report to their local NCWorks Career Center should be instructed that they do not have to attend this appointment. Please include them on the Center spreadsheet for DES and we’ll ensure the issue does not prevent payment.


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