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Burr Should Resign


Last updated 3/23/2020 at 2:47pm

Senator Richard Burr has disgraced his office and betrayed his constituents. The only honorable thing he can do is resign his position, and he should do so immediately.

As head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Burr had inside information about the dire economic impact of the oncoming coronavirus. He alerted a few friends and contributors, but opted not to inform the public. Instead, he unloaded some $1.5 million in at-risk stocks, took the cash, and went his merry way.

We know there is a special place in hell for war profiteers. Profiting from the human pain and suffering that follows in the wake of a pandemic is even worse. Burr is a pandemic profiteer who in a just world would be prosecuted and jailed. It will be a gross miscarriage of justice if he is allowed to take his blood money and his government pension and return to North Carolina.

If he had any decency, he would go off somewhere, dig a hole and crawl in it. I am sure there would be no shortage of volunteers willing to shovel in a little dirt after him.

Wayne Clark



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