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Last updated 3/23/2020 at 2:55pm

What words could describe the letter appearing in The Transylvania Times recently blaming President Trump for the COVID-19 virus, which is terrorizing the world right now? Sick and disgusting come to mind.

In the well of the U. S. Senate, Chuck Schumer stands up and effectively does the same thing, trying to make political points of a highly contagious, deadly disease accidentally (or not) turned loose on the world’s population. It’s as though in the minds of some, here and elsewhere, Trump did it himself.

Can Americans of all political stripes not take a deep breath and realize that if there was ever a time for Americans to come together, seek cooperation to alleviate the illnesses and deaths happening among us daily, that the time is now? Can political cheap shots, bickering and the like not be put aside and let us work together to defeat this mortal enemy?

So far, it seems that the Democratic leadership and many of their followers feel it more important to inflict damage on the president and win the next election than to work together on this national emergency, for many a matter of life and death. How sad.

A challenge of this magnitude to America’s health and spirit on our soil has never happened before. The administration has pulled together expertise and resources like never before to eliminate COVID-19 from our shores and from the planet. Legislation providing relief to millions of Americans impacted is imminent, yet partisans in Congress still trying to insert their own political agendas clog up progress.

We have a war on our hands; now let us be about it!

Richard Seiler



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