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Keep Distance On Walks, Runs


Last updated 4/1/2020 at 4:21pm

My husband and I have so appreciated walking in the forest during this time when we are all sheltering at home. We have become conscious of how important it is to maintain social distancing in order to prevent the spread of this virus. Most of the other walkers have been courteous and careful.

We have noticed, though, that runners do not seem to take the same precautions. Several times, we have been at a place on the trail where there is no place to step off in order to be safe. Several times, we have almost bumped shoulders with runners who pass us. It is generally the rule that they will call that they are passing you on the right or left. Normally, this is a courtesy and common respect.

During this time of the COVID-19, each of us needs to be aware of everything we are doing and the effect of our decisions on everyone around us. It seems that it would be safe for runners to either stop and leave the trail for a short while or to run in place until the walkers are able to find a safe place to get off the trail. The recommendation to maintain 6 feet of space is not an arbitrary decision. It is based on science and disease prevention.

For the time being, it is important for all of us to become more aware of our actions and consequences of our choices. Our health care workers, police, emergency workers, and clerks in our grocery stores and so many others are risking their health and well being to serve us every day. It seems a small sacrifice to take time to think and protect ourselves and others in order for all of us to stay healthy. We are all in this together.

In peace and protection.

-- Susan and Steve Martin, Brevard


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