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Last updated 4/8/2020 at 2:47pm

Ringing The Bells

The churches in the Balsam Grove Community are going to be ringing their church bells at 7 a.m. on Easter Sunday. Be sure to go out on your front porch and listen for them. At least we can celebrate Easter by having our own sunrise service on the front porch. That way we will be safe by not being in a crowd at church at this time. Remember, “He is Risen.” We wish all of our readers a very safe Easter even if we can’t do what we would like to do. Take care and be safe during this time of having a stay at home order from the governor.

Census Reports

If you haven’t completed the 2020 census yet, there are two ways you can to it:

•Go to http://www.2020 and click on “respond.”

•If you don’t have a computer, call (844) 330-2020.

If you get your mail from a post office box, you were going to get a census questionnaire hand-delivered to your house. That won’t happen now because of the coronavirus. So, you really need to do one of the above. If you have questions, call Chuck Megown at (678) 733-2862 or email him at [email protected] He’s the census specialist for us.

Balsam Grove Playground

We are closing the Balsam Grove Community Club playground until Gov. Cooper cancels our stay-at-home order. Playgrounds were included in the order, and we want to do all we can to keep our children safe. Like our mothers taught us, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Thanks for your cooperation.


Due to the growing coronavirus problem and to comply with Cooper’s meeting guidelines, the Balsam Grove Community Club is cancelling all of its April activities. This includes our monthly business meeting, bingo, jam session and Easter Egg Hunt. County officials may use the center for outreach efforts. We will share those events with you as we are informed about them. During these difficult times, we hope and pray that our community and all communities will stay safe and healthy.


Just a reminder, if you have donations for our yard sales, contact a community club officer to meet you at the community center to put it in the building. Items get ruined if they are just dropped at the door, and then we have to pay to have it hauled off. We appreciate your cooperation. Calls may be made to Bernice Powell at 884-6058 or Carol Gardner at 884-6497 or any other officer.


Those celebrating a birthday this week are Jackie Starcher, April 9; Edward Kratzert, April 10; and Jackie A. Holden and Tye Batson, April 11. We wish all of them a happy birthday.

Rent The Community Center

If you would like to rent the Balsam Grove Community Center, call 884-6058 to book the date you want the building.

Quebec Community Club

The Quebec Community Club has made some changes to rent the building. For those wanting to rent the building, call Ann Hendrix at (828) 862-4974 and tell her when you want to rent the building and what for. It is also $50 per day to rent the building.


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