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True Colors


Last updated 4/8/2020 at 2:20pm

It is painful to even say it, but some Democrats cannot even take a break from bashing our president during a national health emergency. Their true colors are shining through again. They are criticizing his handling of the problem but are offering no suggestions as to how “they” would handle it.

The president has had to walk a thin line between keeping the country calm and, at the same time, reporting on the seriousness, which is changing daily. Some are criticizing him for talking too much and saying he should let the experts talk more. Believe me, if he did that he would be criticized for not leading. He has basically left the reporting on the medical issues to the medical experts and altered his message as the problem grows.

Why can’t the anti-Trump folks take a break from their attacks and contribute to the actions being taken as opposed to adding to an already divided country. They can’t because any let up in their attacks will result in credit to Trump and they won’t allow that.

If we ever needed a united front, it’s now. But the true colors of some are surfacing and I hope most Americans remember who they are. We are fighting a vicious enemy and in-fighting helps no one.

- Charles Brendle, Pisgah Forest


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