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Trump's Actions Are Indefensible


Last updated 4/14/2020 at 9:53am

I hope this letter clarifies my previous missive asking how folks continue to defend Donald Trump.

One reader described my letter as a “hysterical rant.” In my considerable time on earth, I have observed many men calling many women “hysterical” when they want them to sit down and shut up. Nevertheless, I will persist.

Another reader directed me to “look in the mirror” for criticizing Donald Trump. I am reminded of a conversation I had decades ago when I first witnessed the ugliness of crooked politicians.

I asked my Dad, tearfully, “How do these people look in the mirror?”

He answered, “Those people don’t look in the mirror, but promise me you will always look and check yourself.” I kept that promise.

The third reader called me unkind and unfair for not focusing on facts. I stand by every adjective I used. He lied about tariffs bringing in billions of dollars. He cheated dozens of contractors – little guys like you and me – and swindled hundreds of students in his fake university. His lies continue with his claims we are testing more than any other country. This is regularly disproved by experts, CDC and governors.

His handling of the COVID-19 virus is riddled with incompetence. He ignored experts’ advice about the pandemic for months. He called it a hoax. He drags his feet providing life saving supplies. His lack of humanity is exhibited every day he fails to acknowledge the mothers, fathers and children who have died. The day the U.S. experienced the highest death toll ever, he complained the media wasn’t touting the high ratings of his “press conferences”

During this unprecedented public health crisis, he won’t allow folks to sign up for the Affordable Care Act and continues to lean on SCOTUS to declare it unconstitutional.

How does he care for our country and our people?

-- Lauren D’Alessandro, Brevard


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