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Guest Column: Don't Stop Giving To Others


Last updated 4/15/2020 at 4:04pm

I have heard of many great acts of support, compassion and genuine care during this difficult time we all try to listen, learn and act on news concerning the COVID-19 virus that is affecting everyone. From the people who are at home making masks for community members to wear in or outdoors to those who deliver them to the drop-off sites (Transylvania County Library is a drop-off site), I want to thank each of you for the sacrifices that you have made during this time. Continue to do your best, deliver meals, call on those who need to be checked on or simply be that person who offers hope and encouragement to those who need it, such as emergency workers, sanitation workers and others who are in essential positions that help our lives.

I am thankful too for the communities that have put ribbons (usually red) on trees and mailboxes showing support to those essential workers. Perhaps one of the most important things you can do is to “cover up” when around these people by wearing a face covering and coughing/sneezing into your elbow to help limit the spread of COIVID-19.

I am no medical scientist; however, I hope to spread the advice of those who are. What I have learned is that washing your hands is essential. I also learned that sneezing or coughing into your folded elbow is effective too when it comes to the airborne spreading of the COVID-19 virus. Wearing a mask, bandana or some other face covering may alter the spreading of COVID-19 to others; however, it probably will do more for you than others. How? A mask usually will not allow you to touch your nose or mouth directly where the human body is most susceptible to this virus; however, it can also enter the body through the eyes; therefore, avoid touching your face altogether and a mask or face covering may help that! It also has a psychological effect on others to know that you are doing your best to help prevent the spread of the virus.

I, along with Transylvania County Board of Commissioners Chair Mike Hawkins, are distributing as much information on this issue as it comes in from the state and federal level. We videotaped for Facebook a community message with a lot of this same information and plan to do so weekly with other elected officials. The next future videos plan to bring education, action steps and operational steps to assist you in this difficult time. Look for a series of videos from your local government, Transylvania County and the City of Brevard on Facebook. As the information changes, the message may change.

Give! Give to your local church or place of worship, to the Sharing House, the Brevard Music Center, The Haven, Bread of Life Ministries, SAFE, Boys & Girls Club, etc. Don’t stop giving when the need may be greater than before. Many can still do this, and I urge you, too. I know that our economy is fragile at this point and is a long way from what it was recently; however, I believe that better times are in front of us and when we get there, let it find us putting forth our best.

Remember, Brevard’s best days are ahead. In the meantime, don’t stop giving of your time, talent or money to individuals or organizations that depend on it!

(Harris is the mayor of Brevard.)


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