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A Cult Phenomenon


Last updated 4/20/2020 at 11:10am

I, like so many readers of this fine, really fine, local newspaper usually first turn to the “Opinions of the Readers” to see what my friends and others have written. And I do not use the words loosely.

Many of the writers with whom I extremely disagree are my friends. Interestingly enough, they are educated, and some of them are, by their allegiance to the president, enough to baffle me. They ignore his lies, his peccadillos, his inarticulate speech (“tremendous,” “very very,” “incredible”) all those indicted or in jail associated with him, the unprecedented turnover in personnel leaving the administration with so many “acting heads” of departments and Chiefs of Staff who called him a “moron.”

In addition, it is easy to see that he has large ego problems which are not well suited for the job.

The book soon coming out by the ultra-conservative Republican John Bolton will clearly indicate that the president lied about the Ukrainian situation. And lastly, we have not seen his taxes. And yet, I see letter after letter defending this president. His defenders refuse to accept the evidence. Their inevitable excuse is that Bill Clinton had an affair and then there is something they will invent about President Obama as if that excuses this president.

I have concluded, as many have suggested, the following of Trump is a cult phenomenon. This is my conclusion when his defenders never seem to make any sense.

-- Gerald Kilpatrick, Brevard


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