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Mortality And Hunger


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Have you ever wondered why Jesus fed the masses before he taught them? He must have known that the mind could only consume what the stomach would allow and as long as the stomach was empty the mind would also be empty.

There is a direct connection not only between the stomach and the mind but between the stomach and the will. We could almost say that morality rest on the basis of the hunger instinct and whether or not it is satiated. “… eat, drink and be merry.” This proverb from the book of Ecclesiastes puts it in perspective. Food and water must precede any life that is “merry.”

It is not political or moral ideals alone that rule our lives. The historian Baron de Montesqieu believed the moral conditions of human history depended on physical conditions. The spirit of a nation, he believed, rests on physical facts – climate, soil (crops) and most of all, economic conditions. “Economic conditions” is a fancy way of saying “the ability to buy, own or have the basic necessities of life such as food, water and shelter.” Our moral ideals stand or fall depending on the meeting of basis physical needs.

There are some who have wondered why the German Enlightenment did not prevent the rise of Nazism and why all that intellectualism could not withstand the oncoming tide of fascism and authoritarian rule. It was the physical conditions of pre-war Germany that provided the breeding ground for the rise of Hitler. There was a major disconnect between those sequestered in the ivory towers and lecture halls of universities and those on the streets. Those on the streets could not have cared less about Kant’s “Starry Heavens Above and the Moral Law Within.” They were more concerned about food within and then the moral law.

There are at least two sets of heroes in America fighting this pandemic: the health care workers who are in the trenches on the front lines and those who are feeding the hungry.

Ernest Mills



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