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Furlough Government


Last updated 5/4/2020 at 1:42pm

I have the read the local newspaper concerning the budget and it’s very disturbing that not one unnecessary government employee has been furloughed. There was a lot of talk about employees that had nothing to do because there is no business activity going on.

On Main Street many non-government employees have been furloughed and shut down and will mostly likely lose their business due to this current pandemic, but the county and city just think they can keep going like nothing has happened. More than likely, when all is said and done, they will want to raise the property tax to cover for all the nonsense.

A good CEO and government employee would be making a plan to save the money. These unnecessary employees could be on unemployment while this plays out. Instead they are receiving full pay and insurance. Most of the taxpayers do not have any of this.

The federal government is not going to bail out Transylvania County; there will be no handout for them. They are expected to balance their budget.

How do you expect in August for property owners to pay their property and other taxes with no money and no job? Rest assured that the county will foreclose and demand payment.

So, in the end, the paying public loses and loses everything, while life continues for the government employees unchanged. How sad.

- Faye Yager, Brevard


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