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Last updated 5/11/2020 at 11:20am

In the mist of unprecedented times people often are fearful and irrational. Much of this is due to idleness and lack of knowing what to do.

Here are a few suggestions to help us in Transylvania County:

1) Mail your bill payments. Use the United States Postal Service to ensure it will be around.

2) Order take-out from local restaurants and businesses. Their websites list their menu. So far we have ordered the Meatloaf from Mayberrys, the N.Y. sirloin from Jordan Street Cafe, the scallops from Square Root, the enchiladas from El Chapala, gift cards from Blue Ridge Bakery and yarn from Sun Dragon. We will continue to spread the money to other businesses.

3) If you are with nobody else and in a car that doesn’t require it be sanitized due to sickness in your family, don’t drive with a mask on.

4) If you walk your dog and you are upset people want to continue the tradition of mountain hospitality and kindness by petting your beloved, consider buying a longer leash.

5) Order your absentee ballot now and send it to the local county Board of Elections.

6) Start a garden.

7) Volunteer at a food bank or Meals on Wheels.

8) Donate to any of our wonderful charities, like Bread of Life and Sharing House. Five dollars will make a big difference if we all do this.

8) Reach out to friends via Zoom and FaceTime. They need to see you and you may learn a thing or two.

9) Take a walk.

10) Listen to music. Brevard’s talented musicians need our help financially as well.

11) Adopt a family that lost their income.

12) Be rational and kind.

If you and your friend(s) haven’t been anywhere and have also had no visitors for 14 days and neither are without symptoms of COVID-19, chances are you can get together and hang out by keeping your social distancing. Be kind and keep healthy. We will see each other on the other side and hopefully be able to hug one another and show our traditional hospitality again soon.

--BJ Winchester, Pisgah Forest


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