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Respect And Appreciation


Last updated 5/13/2020 at 4:36pm

We are fortunate to live in a community in which most people are respectful of one another. People do not cut in line when waiting to get into the movies or a restaurant. There are no altercations when two drivers simultaneously approach one parking spot. We still live in a community where people hold the door open for one another.

In the coming months, as we transition back to a less secluded lifestyle, that respect may be even more important. We will need to be cognizant of the needs and concerns of others, especially in regard to health.

Based on the reopening of some businesses last weekend, we are off to a good start. The Heart of Brevard distributed to downtown businesses posters with guidelines regarding masks, social distancing and hand washing. Many customers were wearing masks. If they were wearing a mask or not, most people were maintaining at least six feet distance from others.

Businesses were doing their part. Hand sanitizers were available throughout stores. Some businesses had greeters outside their doors to inform visitors of the safety precautions. Several stores installed plexiglass at their registers, as well as markers every six feet. The Farmers’ Market even had six-foot markers down to help customers keep their distance.

By respecting the guidelines and each other, most people felt safe and enjoyed the day shopping.

Respect and concern for others, however, has been prevalent locally throughout the last several weeks. In the last two weeks, we have run stories about The Historic Toxaway Foundation, Headwaters Outfitters and the Jackson County Line raising funds for local businesses; Lake Toxaway Charities donating thousands of dollars to help local nonprofits meet emergency needs; Head Start distributing food to needy children and their families; and Mayberry’s, with a sponsorship from First Citizens Bank in Brevard and food donations from Gordon Food Services, giving away hundreds of meals to local residents. Several organizations and numerous individuals have donated more than $60,000 to Transylvania Tomorrow to help local businesses.

In honor of Nurses Appreciation Week, there is a story in today’s paper about four local nurses. During this pandemic, nurses have been called heroes, but these local nurses pointed out that there are many other heroes as well. Any person in the medical profession – doctors, nurses, lab technicians, housekeeping, etc. – who has been risking his or her life in order to treat infected patients is a hero. Law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMS, cashiers, nursing home employees, packing plant employees and others who go to work with the possibility of being becoming infected at their jobs also are being heroic, especially when they might not have the proper protective gear.

We are appreciative of all their efforts in which they risk their own health.

But there are many others who have made sacrifices as well. Many parents have had to pull double duty by not only working but also helping teach their children. Church leaders have adapted the delivery of their services to comply with social distancing requirements. Many businesses have taken extra measures to keep their employees not only working, but safe.

We are also appreciative of the efforts of young people. Though they are among the least likely to suffer from the coronavirus, they have sacrificed a great deal to keep others healthy. Many of them who work in the service industries have lost their jobs or seen their work hours curtailed. And while many local residents enjoy attending concerts or going to the movies, night clubs, etc. those venues are mostly frequented by people 40 and under. Those venues of socialization, which are important to young people, have been closed.

Any parent with high school seniors also knows the disappointments they have faced, from the elimination of their final year playing spring sports to having no senior prom or no senior trip. Yet, the seniors at Brevard High decided to donate the money set aside for their senior trip to Sharing House.

It is this spirit of compassion, of giving, of doing good despite one’s own circumstances, that makes this community special.


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