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Biden Moving To The Left


Last updated 5/18/2020 at 12:08pm

Former Vice President Joe Biden was perceived by the majority of Democrats as a “moderate” who had a much better chance of winning in the general election than socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders. What has occurred in the last couple of months is that Biden, in order to keep Sen. Sanders’ supporters involved in his campaign, has changed many of his long-standing views on issues to appease the Sanders supporters, thereby moving away from the middle and toward the left-wing of his party. These are the same positions the majority of Democratic voters rejected only a couple of months ago.

So, what is occurring now is that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is establishing the boundaries for the 2020 campaign this fall by pushing a $3 trillion House bill that is an outline of the Democratic platform for the fall campaign.

Because President Trump continues to be his own worst enemy, there is a good chance that he will not be re-elected. And that brings up the real issue of the fall campaign for me, which is that if Biden defeats Trump this November, it is absolutely essential that the Republicans maintain control of the Senate. If the left-wing program of the Democrats has a clear sailing through the Congress without a counter-balance to slow them down, then programs like paying workers more to accept a government check than they would by working at their old job will multiply in such a manner that the private sector economy will become no match for a 50 percent-plus government dominated economy.

That is why a vote for Thom Tillis is a vote to at least maintain a semblance of a private sector economy that was going like gangbusters before the pandemic gained control of our country.

Bob Youngerman



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