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Last updated 5/20/2020 at 4:23pm

It is vitally important that we gain and keep a perspective during this pandemic lest we think to ourselves that we are enduring tremendous hardship and unbearable isolation. I don’t mean to lessen the suffering of those who have lost loved ones due to the virus or those who have lost their jobs and are wondering where their next meal or next rent check will come from. Many people all over the globe are experiencing tough times.

But hardship and suffering are relative terms. There are degrees of suffering just as there are degrees of pain. What we consider hardship could be, in a different context and time, a joy ride for others who are experiencing it even harder.

It is important to remember that as great as our hardships may be and as intense as our suffering may become, there are those who have had and are having it 10 times worse.

I would recommend reading “The Diary of Anne Frank” for starters on gaining a perspective as to our current “plight.” For two years Anne hid in a three-room annex along with seven others who were attempting to escape the fate of many Jews under the hands of the Nazis. There were no computers, no televisions or air conditioning and very little food. Anne and the others shared one bathroom. They had to tip toe and speak only in whispers. Occasionally they ventured out-of-doors at great risk. There is no happy ending here. Anne and the others were found by the Nazis during a raid and sent to concentration camps.

So, if we feel like complaining about our situation and how hard we are having it during this pandemic, let’s pick up Anne’s diary and read it. We are enjoying freedoms that Anne only dreamed of.

Rev. Ernest Mills



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