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Where's The American Spirit?


Last updated 6/1/2020 at 12:01pm

I don’t like being housebound for this long. None of us do. But big deal!

Let’s think about it a little.

I am repulsed by the whiney crybabies who can’t bear the fact that they can’t be at the beach. Your vacation plans ruined?

How about John McCain? How many years was he in captivity? Getting beaten every day or so.

How about a concentration camp for a few years?

How about an ocean voyage as a slave not knowing what is happening to you?

Some talk about the American spirit that won’t let them feel cooped up. Well how about the American spirit of our ancestors who walked or rode in a covered wagon for months?

I feel horrible for all those who find themselves out of a job and can’t provide for themselves and their families. Those folks aren’t the ones to whom I refer.

I’m talking about doing what is the right thing. Let’s get this epidemic gone. If it means staying home with all your creature comforts for a while longer, let’s put on our big kid pants and take it. Can’t find a good movie? Tired of eating at home and not at your favorite restaurant? Your nails are a mess?

Where are those heroes of yesterday who showed some grit when it counted?

Where is the true American spirit?

Susan Rousselle



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