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Last updated 6/3/2020 at 3:25pm

I was surprised and disappointed by the appointment of Mr. J. Dalton to fill the vacant seat on the Board of County Commissioners.

Dalton has recently reopened his gym in Rosman, in contradiction of Gov. Cooper’s executive order that keeps gyms closed until late June. Transylvania County has experienced low numbers of confirmed COVID-19 cases thus far, although these will surely increase as restrictions are eased. Keeping gyms closed makes sense, since physical exertion results in forced exhalation and greater distance of travel for exhaled aerosolized droplets carrying virus particles, thus increasing potential viral spreading.

Also of concern is the failure of our law officers to enforce the order to keep gyms closed. I have viewed Sheriff Mahoney as a responsible and caring individual. That view is now tarnished by his unwillingness to enforce Gov. Cooper’s order. He claims publicly to represent all of Transylvania County’s citizens, but that, apparently, may not include the population at highest risk from this virus. Mr. Newman’s reputation is also diminished by his turning a blind eye to this violation.

These gentlemen and the county commissioners, who have warmly welcomed Dalton, should reflect on the age demographics of Transylvania County and Brevard. They must be aware that a significant percentage of the local population, which provides extensive support to businesses, is in the high-risk group for COVID-19 by age and underlying co-morbid conditions. Perhaps they have some relatives in this group. They should want to protect them, if for no other reason than that they will provide support for local businesses in the future.

I understand the desire for businesses to reopen to ease the economic pain, but not at the potential cost to human health and lives. I am surprised that an appointee to the Board of Commissioners openly defies the governor’s order by reopening a facility potentially likely to spread the virus. This is not the example that citizens of Transylvania County expect from one in a leadership position in the county, nor is the one of law enforcement turning a blind eye.

John Findlay



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