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China Is An Existential Threat


Last updated 6/15/2020 at 12:20pm

Anyone who doesn’t yet believe that China is an existential threat to the United States has not been paying attention. The evidence continues to build up.

Our presidents over the last 30 years (both parties) have been blind to the threat and allowed China to establish a system that has one goal. That goal is to overtake the United States economically, militarily, and to geographically control huge areas of the world including Asia, Europe, Australia, and others. They call that their “belt and road initiative.”

We finally have a president who is taking actions to curb China’s domination. Hopefully it is not too late. His announcements have included:

1) secure university research to stop China from sending “students/spies” to our universities where they learn our technologies, etc. and go back to China to use the knowledge against us.

2) suspend special status to Hong Kong since China is now taking control there.

3) take actions to require that Chinese companies on the U.S. Stock Exchange use the same accounting practices as U.S. companies (why has not already happened?)

4) initiate reform in the World Health Organization (WHO). We will get out of the WHO until reforms are undertaken. The United States gives $450mm a year to the WHO while China gives only $40mm. It becomes more clear everyday that China has the WHO in their pocket.

This country better wake up and continue to confront China — regardless of which party is in power. If that doesn’t happen, China will continue down their road to global dominance.

Charles Brendle

Pisgah Forest


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