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Last updated 6/17/2020 at 5:02pm

Dunn's Rock senior Eva Carter is headed to Davidson College in the fall.


Eva Carter is in exceptionally good spirits for a young woman whose rites of passage have been hijacked by a pandemic. Eva, a Dunn's Rock resident and recent graduate of Carolina Day School in Asheville, said she and most of her classmates understand the reasons why there was no prom and traditional graduation. Despite disruptions to these events and the final months of classes, she is upbeat and ready to take on her next challenge as a freshman at Davidson College.

Like many other young people, Eva's summer plans also have been upended. The daughter of Rockbrook Camp for Girls owners Jeff and Sarah Carter, Eva has spent every summer she can remember at camp. This year was to be her first as a counselor.

After the Carters made the heart-wrenching decision to close camp this summer due to the pandemic, Eva made a quick change of plans and is working part-time downtown instead. She's also using her time to pursue other interests, including pottery wheel-throwing.

In high school, Eva participated in volleyball and theater, where she recently won top departmental honors. While she enjoys acting, Eva also enjoyed exploring other aspects of productions, including set design, lighting and sound. After spending hours rehearsing plays during the week, she'd often head back to Asheville to help out with production details on weekends.

"It's exciting seeing the show come to life," she said.

With the pandemic looming on the horizon, the school moved its spring performance of "As You Like It" up by a week, so that students were able to put on two of the four scheduled shows. Eva had a great time playing the role of jester in the Shakespearean comedy.

Her favorite role, however, was in last year's school musical, "Jasper in Deadland," a mythological quest based on the story of Orpheus and Eurydice.

Like many things during her senior year, Eva's graduation ceremony was unique. It was held on a large school athletic field, where graduates sat 6 feet apart and wore masks. Their families stayed in their cars, parked behind the graduates. When students went on stage to receive their diplomas, they were able to remove their masks for photos. The ceremony was also shown on a big screen so that family members could see activities on the stage from their cars.

At Davidson, Eva will pursue a course in interdisciplinary studies. While her class schedule has not been set yet, she's eagerly looked over course options, and is happy to see such interesting options, such as West African music, being offered. Davidson is still working out the details for how the fall term will proceed but that has not dampened her enthusiasm about attending her father's alma mater.

One of the Rockbrook Camp traditions that Eva is maintaining this summer is letter writing. Campers, who are freed from the technological tentacles of cellphones and computers, spend downtime writing old-fashioned, hand-written letters to friends and family.

She's even getting crafty with her missives, making them into mini-art projects.

"It's a great surprise to get an actual letter. When you hold something created especially for you, it shows that you care," she said.

No doubt the recipients of her thoughtful correspondence will appreciate receiving a little of Eva's sunshine in an envelope.

Stand Up And Be Counted

Come on Transylvania County – it's time to step up and be counted. Of the 100 counties in North Carolina, ours ranked 75th for responses to the census. While many Western North Carolina counties are lagging behind the rest of the state, Transylvania County's response rate is 47.7 percent, a far cry from the 60.2 percent rate of neighboring Henderson County.

Folks can complete their census information online at, by calling (844) 330-2020 or by completing the census questionnaire received in the mail. This quick and easy process helps determine how much funding local communities receive for key public services and how many seats each state gets in Congress. Census infor-mation is also used to draw congressional and state legislative districts.

Monday On Greenville Highway

Folks who frequent Greenville Highway likely took numerous scenic detours on Monday. Early in the day, a downed tree between Becky Mountain and Barclay roads sent travelers either deep into the French Broad River Valley or up and through the See Off community before reaching their destinations. Later in the day, a wreck at the curve near Rockbrook had drivers take lengthy detours down Island Ford and Country Club roads.

My husband, John, and I faced our own detour while returning home after a twilight hike in DuPont. As we crested a hill, John slammed on the brakes, and shouted, "bear!" There in the middle of Greenville Highway was a young black bear, looking over his shoulder at us. He stood staring at our truck for a moment before loping off into the woods.

It was a little heart-stopping distraction before returning home to our evening chores.

Community Center News

Folks interested in renting the Dunn's Rock Community Center can contact Janet Robertson at (828) 883-2678. Renters will be required to conform to state COVID-19 recommendations and will need to disinfect the center after use. If you know any high school seniors who'd like to be featured in this column or if you have any other community news to report, send it to [email protected]


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