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Last updated 6/17/2020 at 4:39pm

Rich Donoghue and Chris Craft work on the community center's small building.

Bargain Barn Closing

The Lake Toxaway Community Center Bargain Barn will be closing indefinitely. Due to the recent spike in COVID-19 virus across the state we are concerned about the safety of our volunteers. We have made the decision to close the Bargain Barn. We will keep you up to date on the status of the Bargain Barn at Lake Toxaway Community Center. Check our Facebook page for further updates, as well as in the paper.

Heating And Air Conditioning Upgrades

Renovations have begun on the community center's small building. We are beginning with an upgrade of the heating system and an addition of air conditioning, which was made possible in part with a grant from Transylvania County. It will be great to have AC in the small building. Look for the additional changes to the building. We will update you as we have progress reports from the committee.

Community Center

We will be voting on officers, as well as proposed changes to the bylaws, at the next meeting of the Lake Toxaway Community Center at 7 p.m., Tuesday, June 30. Come out and support your community center. The meeting will be held at the large building at the community center, as demolition has started on the small building.

Census Form

It is critical that you complete the census form as it could affect our community in the future in many ways: schools, fire departments, roads/ highways and potential health clinics. It can easily be accessed online at

You can also access by phone at (844) 330-2020. You may have received a form by mail that you can still fill out and return. For communities like ours this information is vital, and we ask that you please take the time to fill out the form on line, by phone, or if you still have the form, send it in. Thank you for helping out your community in this simple way.

Lake Toxaway Memories

Do you have memories about Lake Toxaway you wish to share? Each week I write this I wish I had some input from the folks in the Toxaway area. I especially would like to write about the history of the area. I can remember the times when there was a party line on the phone and later when all the numbers began with 966; and when we had a great little restaurant that was only open during lunch. They made the best sandwiches and wonderful desserts. Everyone must have a story to tell that they could share. Send them to our email at LTComm or contact us via our Facebook page.


We have received the go ahead to have the weekly meetings of the Lake Toxaway Quilt Group, as long as we follow social distancing guidelines, which should be no problem since we would be meeting in the big building. Meetings have been Tuesdays, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and we have the most important part of the day: lunch. Please bring whatever project you wish to work on and your own lunch. Contact us at LTCommunityCenter@ gmail. com if you are interested.

Building Rentals

The Lake Toxaway building rental is closed until for notice rental inquiry. Contact Pam Owen at (828) 553-0373. To rent the Quebec Community Center, contact Ann Hendrix at 862-4974. To place information in this article, send an email to ltcomm


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