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Best Defense Is A Cloth Covering


Last updated 6/22/2020 at 12:11pm

Yesterday I enjoyed an éclair from the Blue Ridge Bakery. It was even more delicious than I remembered. It’s been awhile. I was glad to see the smiling and welcoming faces of the staff — even under their masks.

In fact, I was pleased to see that they required patrons to wear masks to enter. All their employees were wearing masks to protect the customers and each other. So, of course, it makes perfect sense that customers should wear masks to protect the people serving us.

We can help support the businesses and restaurants in Brevard not just with our patronage, but with a sincere desire to see them succeed by keeping them safe and healthy. I’m so impressed with the changes our local businesses have enacted in the last few months to keep everyone safer. The added safety precautions are surely working as our COVID-19 numbers are relatively low — certainly compared to the rest of our state. The few places I’ve shopped in town, the owners and employees have all worn masks.

Brevard is a loving and caring community. We are blessed to have such abundant beauty and a community dedicated to helping each other.

Isn’t it the very least we can do to help keep our community safer by wearing masks to keep our friends, neighbors, business owners and employees safer? It’s not a question of personal liberty or making a political statement. It’s a kind and selfless thing to do. It’s such a small thing to put on a mask when we’re in a store to keep everyone inside safer.

Everyone wants life to get back to “normal,” but the most assured way to move toward that goal is keeping everyone safe and keeping COVID-19 out of our community. The best defense we have is a simple 3x5 piece of cloth covering our mouths and noses.

Jill Findlay



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