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Spreading Fear


Last updated 7/15/2020 at 4:02pm

The local Republican Party paid for a full-page ad in the July 13, 2020, edition of The Transylvania Times for the express purpose of spreading fear and partisan hatred in our county. It’s clearly must be fear alone. All current commissioner candidates have repeatedly expressed their complete, unqualified support of local law enforcement.

Although the ad is regrettable and insulting, it should not be a surprise if you have been a county resident for long. Several years ago when two of these Republican gentlemen were county commissioners, they voted to refuse $400,000 of federal housing assistance aimed at winterizing homes of mostly, elderly poor Transylvania families. Why would they damn local little old ladies to an agonizing winter of cold? Because they disagreed with the then president’s politics.

Silly me. I thought we elected them to represent the best interests of Transylvania’s citizens. What happened to that $400,000, you ask? It warmed citizens of our neighboring counties where the commissioners remembered why they were elected.

This November don’t be fooled by fear-mongering politicians who clearly value partisan biases above the needs and concerns of their community. Support the well-qualified and independent candidates for commissioner.

Don B. Rogers



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