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Piracy Led To 'Multinational Capitalism'

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Doyle, Roddy. “Love.” At a chance meeting at a pub in Dublin, two childhood friends end up talking about their lives — what went “right” and what went “wrong.” As they each trace their past, the men discover that much of their lives are still intertwined despite spending decades apart, including whom they loved. (FIC DOY)

Guthrie, Kimiko. “Block Seventeen.” Jane’s life is falling apart. Her mother is missing, a burglar ransacked her apartment, and her husband is in trouble at his job with the TSA. Though Jane wishes she could ignore the feeling of doom, once she begins searching for her mother, deep family secrets of fear and shame bubble to the surface. (FIC GUT)

Miranda, Megan. “The Girl from Widow Hills.” The tragic accident that Arden suffered as a child has continued to impact her adult life. The community of Widow Hills, as well as national media, intruded so often that Arden changed her name when she was old enough and disappeared from public view. But now, 20 years later, she is a focus again. (FIC MIR)

Riley, Daniel. “Barcelona Days.” It won’t be long before Will and Whitney are finally married. Among their friends, they are considered the perfect couple. But while on vacation in Barcelona, a volcano erupts and traps them overseas. Things begin to fall apart for the couple when promises they once made are tested by outside influences. (FIC RIL)


Doherty, Maggie. “The Equivalents: A Story of Art, Female Friendship, and Liberation in the 1960s.” Harvard’s “sister school,” the experimental Radcliffe Insti-tute for Independent Study, opened in 1960, providing a platform for women to study the arts in depth. On the threshold of liberation, Anne Sexton, Tillie Olsen and Mariana Pineda were among the first group to receive fellowships. (700.92 DOH)

Johnson, Steven. “Enemy of All Mankind: A True Story of Piracy, Power, and History’s First Global Manhunt.” Infamous pirate Henry Every’s violations sparked the first international manhunt as well as the biggest trial of the seventeenth century. Beyond being one of the most lucrative criminals ever, Every’s piracy led to the “birth of multinational capitalism.” (910.45 JOH)

O’Donnell, Svenja. “Inge’s War: A German Woman’s Story of Family, Secrets, and Survival Under Hitler.” Svenja O’Donnell grew up in Paris and knew that her grandparents and mother had escaped the Nazis in Germany, but she had no idea what a terrifying series of events led to the trauma her family endured until she visits her grandmother many years later. (940.53 ODO)

O’Mara, Shane. “In Praise of Walking: A New Scientific Exploration.” Walking is free and easy, and evidence is building that no exercise can impact a person’s overall health more. Neuroscientist Shane O’Mara reveals the multiple benefits to the brain and the body when walking is incorporated into a person’s everyday routine. (612.004 OMA)


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