A City Council Win-Win


Last updated 8/10/2020 at 3:26pm

On Aug. 17, our elected leaders have an opportunity to adjust and approve a development that can expand affordable worker housing, increase retiree rental opportunities and protect the quality and character of Deerlake Village and Brevard. Such a decision can become a model for additional growth and development.

The proposed project, adjacent to Deerlake Road, is being considered as a Planned Development District. This category of the Brevard Unified Development Ordinance allows the city council to waive some ordinance requirements in order to approve a development in support of city growth objectives, to require a higher standard of design and to protect the character of adjacent neighborhoods. The council can accomplish all of these objectives with a decision focused on the future of our city. Growth and the character of Brevard are both critical to our future.

On June 25, the developer informed the Brevard Planning Board, a higher profit was possible by building to the current R8 zoning level rather than the requested higher 11.2 level. To do so, some rental units would be eliminated. At the current R8 zoning level, the development can provide at least 50 affordable worker apartments. The developer can provide scores of retiree rental units and sell assisted living services to residents. The project includes the developer’s company office building, a child care center, a food service facility and a community center with offices.

The development is to be built in phases over several years. All of the construction traffic is proposed to use Deerlake Road, a narrow route with a blind curve in the vicinity of the construction site. It is the only entrance and exit for Deerlake Village residents and emergency vehicles. The council must determine a safe means to permit construction and protect the safety and lives of Deerlake Village residents. The council must also consider future congestion on Deerlake Road given recent additions from the fitness center, pending additions from the carwash and the impact of all traffic from the proposed development.

A smart decision on this project can provide a model for future development.

John Brown



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