President Puts Himself First


Last updated 8/17/2020 at 1:57pm

Trump has put mail-in voting in the crosshairs, falsely continuing to baselessly claim that mail-in voting is riddled with fraud and abuse.

He dishonestly claims that funding the Postal Service will lead to ballot fraud. He’s crowned a million dollar donor crony as Postmaster General. He’s indicated he’s not sure if he’ll accept the results of the election.

He has a weaponized Attorney General Barr, to bend ethics to protect him. You can bet Trump and Barr will have concocted an “October surprise,” only unlike Clinton and Comey, this time around it will be a story about Trump and Barr’s corruption of government.

It’s the kind of thing he’s done many times before. We know his campaign has previously talked with foreign actors to sway an election and that U.S. intelligence has reported that Russia is already an active threat.

The U.S. Postal Service is also removing a number of blue collection boxes around the country. Trump’s Postmaster General has also banned overtime and additional trips made by carriers to deliver mail on time.

NBC also reported the Postmaster General is decommissioning 671 letter sorting machines that can each sort 35,000 letters an hour. Their absence will hinder the delivery of election mail. Cuts to overtime and staffing will slow mail even more.

Only an unbalanced and desperate person would implement policy changes that make matters worse during a pandemic. Deliberately slowing down the mail immediately before a presidential election is blatant voter suppression.

Once again, the president has chosen to put himself ahead of America and democracy – the right of all citizens to vote and have their vote counted – without having to risk their lives.

Terry Brant



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