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Vote Him Out


Last updated 8/24/2020 at 3:01pm

Having read Ruth Harris’s response to my letter, I have a few comments.

I had hoped for a reaction of concern and compassion for the many students who have been victims of political and identity based harassment nationwide inflicted by those emulating the racist, xenophobic and crude language that Donald Trump uses. One does not need a scientific study to validate the extent of the bigotry students are being faced with and the damage being done.

Ms. Harris goes on to comment that if Trump is re-elected in November, he will continue to get things done for people of color. Yes, he will continue to take credit for the small strides Congress has made that she mentioned. But, we can be certain that more harm will be inflicted by his support of white supremacists, the top 1 percent, vouchers that are a giveaway to the states’ religious schools at the expense of struggling public schools, etc.

Ms. Harris touts the low unemployment rate early on in Trump’s presidency, but she fails to mention that the unemployment rate when Barack Obama left office was historically low at 4.7 percent and it is 10.2 now. She did not give any credit to Obama upon whose coattails Trump rode when it came to the economy.

Understandably, she did not let readers know that the unemployment rate now for whites is 14.2, for blacks it is at 16.7 and for Latinos 17.6 percent. Once again, we find our nation in a free fall.

I am reminded of the crash in 2008 fueled by another Republican, George Bush, from which thankfully we were rescued because we elected a Democrat as president, Barack Obama!

She ends her letter by saying she wants more of what Trump has delivered to the American people. Just knowing the damage he has already done makes it impossible to imagine if we will survive another 4 years. We must vote him out of office.

Sally MacMillan



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