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Cawthorn Lied About Naval Academy


Last updated 8/31/2020 at 2:55pm

Those of us who are native to these mountains know that appearances can be deceiving. What counts is beneath the surface – a person’s integrity, honesty and work ethic.

Despite his sympathetic image, Madison Cawthorn is not a straight shooter, even though he likes to pose with guns. He claimed that his plans to attend the Naval Academy were derailed because of his car wreck, when all along he knew that the Academy had rejected him before that accident. (It is not surprising that he was rejected; in his one semester at Patrick Henry College, he managed to earn only D’s before dropping out.)

Cawthorn also tried to cheat an insurance company. After being offered the full $3 million policy limits, he and his best friend, the driver, entered into a “consent judgment” for $30 million, with a secret agreement that Cawthorn would never try to collect it from his friend, then presented that “judgment” to the court in a suit to try to force the insurer to pay ten times the policy limits. (The court saw through the scam.) Were those the actions of an honest person?

Cawthorn has no education, no work experience and no reason to have us give him his first job as our congressman.

Moe Davis is a man of integrity, knowledge and experience, a 25-year military veteran who is prepared to hit the ground running to represent our district. We need honest representatives in Congress. Moe Davis gets my vote.

Frank Goldsmith



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