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City's Fire Hydrants To Be Inspected – Brevard, NC


Last updated 9/2/2020 at 5:24pm

The Brevard Fire Department will be conducting an annual inspection of the city’s over 500 fire hydrants throughout the month of September.

Brevard Fire Chief Bobby Cooper said the tests will involve “flushing and flow testing” of the all the fire hydrants on the city water system, which will be done “on a weekly basis, Monday through Saturday at various times of the day until all fire hydrants are done.”

“This is required for our rating, helps gently flush sediment out of the water mains, and helps us identify maintenance issues before they become a problem,” Cooper said. “For our rating, all hydrants are required to be flow tested every five years to record static and residual pressures.

“Our goal is to flow test 20 percent of all hydrants every year, which covers all hydrants over a five-year period.”

The flushing of a fire hydrant, he said, involves inspecting and clearing debris around the hydrant, opening and flowing the hydrant until the water clears, and reporting any issues.

“Flushing and flow testing is done systematically from one side of the city to the other, so that we clean the lines out in an orderly fashion,” he said.

Before each day, emails will be sent out to select groups to inform them of the general areas that will be done that day to address concerns.

“If a customer calls to report dirty or discolored water, they should be directed to flush their water at a sink or bath tub until sediment is cleared,” he said. “In most cases, this should only take a few minutes.”

If the water does not clear, Cooper said, or customers report any other concerns or problems, call the Brevard Fire Department at (828) 883-3333.

“We will get someone to come check on the problem,” he said.


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