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Last updated 9/7/2020 at 12:59pm

A proposal for a development containing high density housing on a parcel of land adjoining Deerlake Road was presented and discussed during a recent meeting of the Brevard City Council. This project offers an opportunity for the City of Brevard to address current housing needs but would greatly benefit from additional review and clarification. Now is the chance to produce a successful development model to guide future projects.

A careful definition of the purposes, planning phases and profitable sustainability of this development will be reflected upon as additional projects of this type are considered by the community. The need for reasonably priced affordable housing for workers in Brevard is an agreed upon common theme, although specific data regarding this topic has not been emphasized as part of presentations or testimonials.

The current development plan proposes a very broad spectrum of monthly rental housing for members of the Brevard workforce, retirement age occupants and the onsite workers needed to operate and maintain the facility. The prefabricated units are designed to be constructed in phases over a period of years. A prudent approach for the City Council would be to continue to monitor each phase of construction over time to be able to react to economic cycles and if changes in resident demand occur.

The considerations regarding the adjoining properties, such as Deerlake Village and Fortune Cove, have been recognized as current residents have concerns for additional traffic congestion, unblocked access to Deerlake Road and a negative impact for established taxable real estate values. Resident support of the development is founded on the careful consideration of City Council members as to the appearance, amenities and sustainability of a project that seeks a significant number of variances and changing components at this time.

A positive result for this development is a reasonable goal by all the members of the Brevard community. To meet the challenges of a carefully defined purpose, consistent review of the planning and implementation before approval and continuing with each phase will encourage compatibility with the environment, surrounding neighbors and the Brevard community.

Richard Hardy



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