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Butler, Tommy. “Before You Go.” Since he was a young boy Elliot has never felt at home on this earth. He spent his adolescence planning an escape as soon as possible to a place he “fits.” But it is two people he meets at a support group who help him feel connected for the first time. Sasha and Bannor become Elliot’s friends and show him what the future looks like — a place where he will actually be happy. (FIC BUT)

Hegi, Ursula. “The Patron Saint of Pregnant Girls.” The circus comes to a small town in Germany and most families attend. But as soon as the show ends, a massive tidal wave from the Nordsee hits and takes three children with it back out to sea. Three women help each other with their grief: one loses her children, one struggles with the aftermath, and one gives birth and loses her baby the afternoon of the storm. (FIC HEG)

Livesey, Margot. “The Boy in the Field.” When siblings Matthew, Zoe, and Duncan find a boy’s body in a field, it is their quick reaction that saves the boy’s life. But none of them are ever the same again. Matthew can think of nothing other than finding the attacker; Zoe studies every man she sees on the street; and Duncan decides for the first time that he wants to find his biological mother. As the siblings struggle with processing the violent crime, they also battle the recent awareness that something is wrong with their parent’s marriage. (FIC LIV)

McDaniel, Tiffany. “Betty.” Despite the rough beginning of Betty’s life, she has faced each hardship with sturdy resilience. She was born in a bathtub, was one of eight siblings, and grew up in harsh poverty, and that is not the worst of it. From outside of the family and within the family, Betty has suffered devastating violence. Her innate curiosity, love for her sisters, and a brilliant imagination help Betty overcome her circumstances. (FIC MCD)


Cardwell, Diane. “Rockaway: Surfing Headlong Into a New Life.” After a crushing divorce, Diane Cardwell began to realize she was not as enamored with her fast-paced, big city job as she once was. On a whim and for the first time ever, Cardwell decided to learn how to surf. She began taking the A train to Rockaway to catch the waves with a group who quickly became family. (B Cardwell)

Levesque, Emily. “The Last Stargazers: The Enduring Story of Astronomy’s Vanishing Explorers.” Astronomer Emily Levesque has never lost the childlike love of outer-space and this science narrative is for other adults who still take the time to look up into the night-sky. Award-winning Levesque has constructed “a love letter to astronomy” with tall tales, observatory incidents, and the astronomers before her. (520 LEV)

Rapping, Jonathan. “Gideon’s Promise: A Public Defender Movement to Transform Criminal Justice.” Gideon v. Wainwright became law in 1963 when the Courts agreed American citizens who could not afford counsel would receive free public defense. An experienced public defender, Jonathan Rapping proposes those in his field could actually end unequal mass incarceration through criminal justice reform. (363.49 DOL)

Seager, Sara. “The Smallest Lights in the Universe: A Memoir.” Sara Seager was only forty-years-old when her husband died unexpectedly, leaving her alone with two young sons. And it was the first time that Seager, an astrophysicist, felt “alone in the universe.” To navigate the terrible loss, Seager looks to the stars for answers, but finds the “stars” at home are more beautiful than she previously realized. (B Seager)


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